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Lost Mother

Review of Lost Mother


Poetry is, among many things, the art of saying the unsayable. Pragya Suman's poems achieve this challenge, inviting the reader to enter the space of her poetry and use their imaginations as a continuation of the ineffable. Her poems rely on diverse shifts of gestalt patterns, mysterious as paintings by surrealists. Enter wit and humor, hallmark features of her work, and her poems, oftentimes psychologically complex, become accessible to the average reader.

 Lovers of the prose poem, which Dr Suman has revitalized in this collection, will be captivated by her fervor of fealty and confessionalism as these compositions, leaping forth from her personal mythology, are most endearing, especially her poems about her mother and father. A 

quaint domesticated spirit rules supreme here, with honor and eloquence. And who said poetry can't be fun to read? These poems have the uncanny ability to find humor in the saddest 

circumstances, bringing levity to the sardonic and compassion to the downtrodden. Sit back and read these poems, laugh, cry and be inspired by Pragya Suman's sagacious view of the world and, above all, her highly individualized poetic vision.


Author of How To Write Poetry.

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