Arc Magazine is India based an international female run magazine. We love avant garde, experiment and postmodernism though we are not averse to traditional one. Overall good writing is welcome.

Arc Magazine is based in India though we welcome authors from around the world.

Arc Magazine is a biannual journal with spring and autumn issues. Autumn issue is special anthology of prose poetry. We have weekly column Editor's Pick.

Submission period : Submission Period is closed now

Submission period : 1  January to 31 January

                                    1 June to 30 June

Publication of journal : March and November

Poem 40 lines or less with normal formatting is preferred. Send a photograph and brief bio along with submission.

Send up to three poems.

Font : Times New Roman

Font size : 12

Any poem with visual formatting --send as JPG only.

Submission email :

Response time six weeks.