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Poets: Scandal happens in the soul


“Poets” by Vik Shirley is a postcard-shaped pamphlet, mainly consisting of single lines; it looks like a monostich micro album. Going through, it appears like a humming bee coming and leaving another disjointed trail, a startling fragment baked in its integrity. They are not mere lines that showcase, but they are impressively subtle. Sex, love, and seductions have been the driving force of the muse box since ancient times. 

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Big Cabin: Suck the stoic's magic in straw

Ron Padgett’s biggest skill is the plaintive words, crystal- like, created in vernacular language, bestowed with poetic grace. They not only make the cabin a literary space, but through transpiration, the vibrations of the writer’s mind, comes to print and again ascends to the reader’s retina and soul.



Sing Lullby: Cosmos of the cradle

Sing Lullaby is compiled of twenty five small verses, better call it cosmos of the cradle where both silent and chirping rhymes are collected. It is written by Nigerian writer James ndudueze chukwu. Rhymes are meant for creating a bond with children. It helps them in connecting both with the world of reality and fantasy. This book is written in limpid, simple, and lucid ways, which would help in increasing the vocabulary of tiny brains. 



The Crash of Verses: Lyrics upon the scalpel of the soul

Rafik Romdhani is an impressive writer from Tunisia. Wading through his book  The Crash of Verses, one could be astonished by the vast ocean of metaphors, fuming out of his pen. 




The interesting fact about this book is that it is written in a collaborative manner by three authors, totalling twenty-seven poems, nine poems by each poet who lived in three parts of the United Kingdom. They wrote in response to each other, met at Zoom virtually, gave feedback to each other, shared life experiences. Out of these common ventures, GenderFux accelerated and evolved in a progressive way.


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