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Time to confess

like a roaming bird

looking for a lost nation

Dejection in her eyes lies

Time of wrath and depression

like a white lamb,

never knows where it resides

To the fate of the blade had to succumb

With its speedy days

Like a rainbow bar

sneered by a devours cloud

like a heart filled with glum

looking for an easing void

Never knows the bliss of something

Till it wears off

learn to taste Autumn

With its mean sun and a generous whiff

like a laced dog abandoned by

A treacherous family

like a toddler waiting for his lullaby

from his mother, sunk in melancholy

sometimes, the moon needs permission

to invade darkness

I need your feverish pat

To settle the wreck and the mess

Copyright@Sehma Helaa


Biography :Sehma Helaa is native of Carthage in Tunisia. She is fond of words and writes prose as well as poetry. She published one poetry book called Dusk and Dawn. She writes in her mother tongue also.

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