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Three Poems by Ramachandran MA

To My Poor Father

By Ramachandran MA

eleven years have gone--

it rained a little

after your burial

and we all drank tea--

your fingers in the pyre

were the same

the night you died--

nothing happened

it was December

the first week

sometimes I boarded

a crowded bus

got off somewhere

in the crowded street

dreamed of walking

with someone to the sea

but always returned

all alone to this room


Why did I miss

the songbird

that built her nest

in the old mango tree

in my childhood?

I missed the tree

in those summers

and rains too---

In my dream

still a green leaf

in the old tree.

All the names

and faces and

even the river

of these years

in the torn paper

are blown away

by the wind.


One more night

miles and miles away

was the yellow flower

in my dream

On my way to nowhere

a dead butterfly

a cold wind

passed by the lantern

and I asked myself

why I was born

Bio : Ramachandran MA is an author from India. He lives in Calicut.

Photo courtsey: rightfully owner

James Colemen

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