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A grass bent upon me & asked:

What life is.

I stumbled & said:

Isn't it best known to you!

For you have been

Maiden child of the green

Long before our design was done

You only have been

The child & father of man

Aren’t you absolutely keen

To the ending & the beginning

In which we humans are born to spin

All our deeds & entire being?

Well said.

Then pay heed to me

For I was present at the ceremony

When you were made & meant

To be dead & submitted

To your Seed

No matter

Whatever you do

It's all the same tale told anew.

Abu Forhad - Bangladesh


Foot note: Abu Forhad is young poet from Bangladesh. In this poetry The Terminal he has expressed meticulously the makeshift moments of live rolling in vicious cycle through a metaphor of grass.

An alive poetry!

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