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  • Dr.Pragya Suman

The Crash of Verses: Lyrics upon the scalpel of the soul

Rafik Romdhani is an impressive writer from Tunisia. Wading through his book The Crash of Verses, one could be astonished by the vast ocean of metaphors, fuming out of his pen. Poems are written mostly in free verse, narrator lyric form. Even the hardest and tormenting moments of life are beaded in velvety words. These hard-boiled poems are sufficient to engross one for two hours. Great poems used to be wrapped in three layers, child-like innocence, adult grief, and creative psychic energy. The crash of verses is an example of such poem. In the poem The Genes of poetry he says “ I was inside the amniotic fluid smelling the garlic,” while his mother is hardworking at the form. At one place he says “ like electrical wires eaten by the sun on roofs.'' This one is an organic metaphor, and we see the variety of metaphors and similes dispersed through the book.

Words are powerful and Rafik admits “As I drink a word, I enter a war with no swords”

Great stuff, Rafik is a forensic poet and if you want to hear lyrics upon the scalpel of the soul, then go through it!

It is available on the following link

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