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  • Dr.Pragya Suman


By Dr. Pragya Suman

My father’s old murphy radio

has turned up in many sounds

call it rendezvous with hallucinations!

At first talk about, the warm talks

around the bonefire

and rattling of my mother;s pestle,

they still are like broken relic

floating upon, in my door ajar

child in me comes in frail,

fluttering voice ears me, distant afar

A naughty nostalgia!

I would tell you about

the most harrowing sound

comes again and again

at my doorstep!

soul shattering is each hammer blow

too much for my heart

and bamboo stalk

to make biers of Hindu rituals,

I think this sound resides before the astral world.

Footnote: Sounds is included in my debut book Lost Mother. the different kinds of sounds conveys and recycles the memory, and in the moments of solitude they are knitted in words. Lost Mother is available on Amazon on the following link

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