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Songs of Broken Clouds

Updated: May 21, 2021

I cannot recollect now

how once you translated my life into death

and death into rains and rains into tears

I hear the gossips of shining crowds

within the invisible incorrigible

layers of wrongs that play lamenting

the old deaths still alive and progressive

I cannot but touch the vertical lines

of non-stop vacation that makes me hear the tale

of fish-ache-waves of reddish soul

the uranium jokes flying over the toxic mirror

I do respect the emotions of trees

the tears of flowers

I learn from the songs of broken clouds swimming

and singing in the bloods of ravishing simile of rains

Copyright @Kamrul Islam


Kamrul Islam, a Professor of English, now deputed as Director at HSTTI, Rajshahi, was born in Bangladesh. He is a published bilingual poet, essayist, translator and short story writer. Eleven books of poems, four of essays and one of short stories have got published till date. He has been honored by Gujarat Sahitya Academy, India’s Governmental Premier Institute in Literature and Motivational Strips on India’s 74th Independence Day. He has won many certificates of excellence and awards from many global poetry platforms and organizations. His poems have been published in different magazines at home and abroad. In 2017, he edited an anthology “A Collection of Contemporary Bangla Poetry’ including the poets of Bangladesh, West Bengal and Assam. Recently he has been honored on the 60th Independence Day of Nigeria for his contributions to world literature. Haven for the world writers has also honored him for his dedication to world literature.

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