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  • Dr.Pragya Suman

Sing Lullaby: A Cosmos of Craddle

Sing Lullaby is compiled of twenty-five small verses, better call it cosmos of the cradle where both silent and chirping rhymes are collected. It is written by Nigerian writer James ndudueze chukwu. Rhymes are meant for creating a bond with children. It helps them in connecting both with the world of reality and fantasy. This book is written in limpid, simple, and lucid ways, which would help in increasing the vocabulary of tiny brains.

The moral elements and nostalgic moments are in stark, standing, steadfast words conveying its message through anaphora. It will help in memorization, as few words repeating in vicious cycles are prone to grasp. Some poems are not mere simple rhymes but they are sodding with deep meaning. In the following lines, we see

Let’s sing lullaby

To the flame of war

Like a proud goodbye

To mischief and woe.

In Yellow Flower simple metaphors make in the end a beautiful sunflower, which is shining on her father’s farm.

In my lasso, mischievous metaphors are used, a lasso hanging around the sun.

Here we see varied children's psychological moments gleaming, enough to catch the concentrated frolicking mind.

If you want to see a tiny tower built of magical blocks, then go for this beautiful book.

Dr. Pragya Suman

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