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Updated: May 21, 2021

Rejoicing is placed on the globe,

Little stones are covered with snow,

The sparrows sing on the morning branch,

Without any fear of hunter,

Without any tearing eyes,

Birds enjoy life...

So carefree, in great glee,

So smartly and deeply sincere,

Like the loyal king or queen,

Bringing peace from the sky,

Doubling their joy,

So serene as teen with energy and strength,

After a long separation,

Life is crushed under the metallic boots of time,

The rust has burst the glittering gems,,

All pearls are out of rosary,

And scattered in the stormy wind,

But the beads of roses fall on dusty floor,

And the courtyard becomes scented,

All the broken beads are woven in single thread, with a breath of embrace,

And all displaced parts get joined so right,

Two haves of century mix up again,

The broken century rises with love,

That makes the epoch,

Beauty and progress go on mind,

Live within heart,

And beautify this globe!

@Dost Muhammad Rajper



Biography : Dost Muhammad Rajper hails from Pakistan who is teacher, poet and short story writer.

He is Associate Professor of English, he teaches English grammar, literature and linguistics at college level. He was born in village and his father was landlord.

He contributes a lot in lap of English literature, besides, he has written much in regional language which has been published in many magazines, newspapers etc.

He has received honor by getting many certificates and winning pic prompts etc. He is founder and administrator of William Shakespeare group on FB. He likes teaching, reading books and writing poetry as well as short story.


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