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Publication of my Erasure Poetry in BEIR BUA JOURNAL, IRELAND

It’s so nice getting to publish my poetry in an international journal BEIR BUA, Ireland edited by Michelle Moloney King. I came to know about Beir Bua through DEUTROPE and I sent my poem REINCARNATION for the 2nd issue of Beir Bua and it was published in February 2021.

Now again my erasure poetry Kafka’s hammer has been published in Beir Bua’s Vispo anthology which mainly concentrates upon experimental poetry.

I like Bier Bua in that sense that it catalyzed my interest in Avant Garde.

Life is an experiment and so is literature.

Franz Kafka is one of my favorite writers and one day I bought the book “ Letters of Kafka to Milena”. This book is so soul wrenching that even after erasing words they refuse to vanish.

I tried my hand at writing erasure poetry based upon those letters.

It was accepted by the journal , which makes me feel better.

Thanks to editor Michelle Moloney King.

DR Pragya Suman

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