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Poem of the Week

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Pink Sound

I didn't feel sleepy at the time, but I did smell the dreamy floral scent from the pink sound. Do you see the celebration of colored fields? Its fragrant spirit is the scent of ecstasy that envelops the eyelids. When your eyes see the majestic pink sound waves, at that time you will remember my words, and you will feel the distant carnival lands in my scattered corners. Yes, I have not smelled the sleeping flowers, but I am a skilled farmer who knows all about his dreamy smile and hidden desires.

Analysis of Pink Sound By Dr Pragya Suman

‘Pink sound’ is written by Dr Anwer Ghani, an Iraqi poet. He has written many war poems as Iraq has endured countless blood shed blots, so it is not possible for a sensible soul to alienate his pen. He lives in Babylon and works as a consultant nephrologist.

Pink sound is a prose poem written in postcard shape and here we see the absence of acrobatic jumping of lines. Prose poetry in postmodernism has secured a cool canopy where it assures ‘prose poetry elavates poetry, not deletes poetry’

‘Pink sound’ is hallucination poetry written in a narrative expressive tone. Here we see the narrator is not in a dream but he is fully awake. What is the difference between dream and hallucination? Difference is the poetic vision and figment of imagination. In surreal poetry most of the imagination drips out of dream and hypnagogic state. Andre Breton, father of surrealism, sought most of his inspirations in hypnagogic state (state between awake and sleep). There is a long history of hallucinatory poems. Andre Breton tried to convince Sigmund Freud to collaborate his surrealism along with his psychoanalytic theories but Freud didn’t take interest.

Hallucination is a sensory experience which appears real but is created by mind. Sigmund Freud explained in his book ‘ the interpretation of Dreams’ that dream acts like a royal road to the unconscious which helps in bringing artistic creativity and gems to the real world. This is the basis of surrealism where our real eyes see several absurd things. In hallucination poetry images, metaphors, and other poetic devices are created by artists to enhance the expressiveness of poetry. That expressiveness of poetry with the tools of artistic devices helps in giving a poetic grace and magic to the real things. It enriches the visual box and receptor world of the reader.

In this poem here we see sound has a color and that is pink. Sound is filled with floral scent.

These are hallucinatory absurdities which are fine and delicate.

‘its fragrant spirit is the scent of ecstasy that envelops the eyelids’

Poet inputs this line as a celebration of colored field. Field and eyelids both are solid and real which are connected through the abstract and hallucinatory expressiveness.

‘yes I have not smelled the dreaming flowers’

Here the narrator again talks about the open eyes who knows all the hidden things through hallucinatory heights!

Biography: Anwer Ghani is an award-winning Iraqi poet and Pushcart nominee. He was born in 1973 in Babylon and he is a religious scholar, consultant nephrologist and author of more than a hundred books; thirty of them are in English like; "A Farmers Chant"; Inner Child Press 2019, and "Warm Moments", Just Fiction, 2020. Anwer is the editor in chief of Arcs Prose Poetry magazine.


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