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Updated: May 21, 2021

Night Rain


Ramachandran MA lives in Calicut, INDIA. He always remains active upon the social media and in conventional category he is not a published author, but real art hardly requires grooming and it even buds in the fertile soil of unanonymosity. He has been posting his poems on the social media, which he calls #Fragments. That is only his writing legacy.

Night rain is a prose poem by him with a serrated right margin. The poem has typically the strongest visual element, in simplest words and here we see lines are horizontal in which straight words are zig -zagging without line breaks. This all makes Night rain a strong conductor of empathy, especially when it is in a condensed card twirled at ninety degree. It drags the reader in concentrated canopy, letting him dip in aesthetic aura.

Prose poems in reality are fragments who resist closure and here we can acquaint ourselves with it. In the background we see a cold colour which has succeeded in weaving a strong visual imagery. Night rain is like a photograph that resists closure and acts as an entry point for memory and here we see a ghost and uncanny memory.

In the month of July, a strong desire to meet a departed dear one, chirping crickets, in metaphor of lamp both souls met and cried again, and in the end sleeping pills but the writer remained alive.

In simple words Night rain touches soul and when I asked Ramchandran about his writing, Ramchandran words were

“Is there anything good in my fragments ? I think there are better poets to be showcased. In my homelessness there is no one but my chirping crickets and fireflies. I would like to sit all alone in darkness for hours on end sometimes where how soothing the trees, crickets, fireflies and the stars are, Ok, thanks a lot for everything !

Dr Pragya Suman

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