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Poem of the Week


Ramachandran MA

That mango blossomed

cashew tree green hillside

whence the way to school

and the way back was sorrow

at night the evil spirits

frequented the mud hut wall

they kept you away from the wind

and the song of night birds

morning sunshine

on the two marigolds

in the backyard was pain

years rolled by leaving you

there in the deserted street

as usual by the sea

you were a midnight sob of years

BIOGRAPHY : Ramachandran MA is an Indian writer from Calicut.

His story in his own words, is so poignant and touching.

" My God, I haven't had a job for more than six months. It's fortunate for me for not having a family. I go on writing this trash for whiling away my time. I don't know

Why am I writing them? I call them fragments. I don't call them poetry. I will never.

You may ask me why I don't stop doing it. It's total madness my dear friends.

I am not writing this for any favourable

or nice comments. It's really tiresome.

The kind of rubbish I do everyday is

offensive.If I were healthy I wouldn't write

this trash. My chest is narrow and shall-

ow. My hair is all grey. There is no hair

on the back of my head. If I were married, I wouldn't write this nonsense. If I had

house of my own I would sleep peacefully there.

If I lived my youth happily I would never attempt the impossible. If I

shared everything of me with a woman

I wouldn't do what I do on Facebook.

Sheer perversity! "

Photo courtsey : Rightfully owner

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