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Poem of the Week

Updated: May 11, 2021

Jack Tar

I promise to put the knot

Behind my ear and not

Behind my neck, I swear

That the days will break

All at once, not each one

At said hour, the perfect flower

Will instantly bend and break

But not me, dangling

I promise upon decency of my death

Life can never take

I swear I am Jack Tar

Sailor of a cell

Fatality of a wreck

Baptist of a bar

I break bottles on barren streets

I never lock the car.

I hereby proclaim to put the knot

Behind my ear

Not behind my neck.

By Richard Wilson Moss


Analysis of the jack Tar by Dr Pragya Suman :

Though so many nice poetries dropped this week in our group Meet the Poets, that it was really difficult for me to make a choice.

I picked up one of the gracefully poetries written by Richard Wilson moss as it has carved a separate niche among the poems. His poem Jack Tar is an elegant example of ABSTRACT POETRY. There are so many stylistic features that reside in the Jack Tar. In this poem aural quality is equal or more important than the meaning . Abstract poetry is more or less similar to the Avant Garde musical composition. In Jack Tar semantic features are in fine balance of sound, image and vocabulary. Richard Wilson moss poetries wear a stoic’s like grace.

He says “I break bottles on the barren streats.”

Alliteration is used so beautifully in this line .

Dr Pragya Suman

Biography; Richard Wilson moss is an American poet. His books are Adquietus, Red Dust, Dead leaves of Summer, Looms. Yuma, Northspur, In woods at Night, The first rain, The Common Storm. He lives along with his wife Sandy Moss and a daughter in Virginia, America.

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