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#Poem Brut/ S J Fowler

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Previous year I wrote a few poems both in free verse and in hybrid form. Writing comes to me in doodle form, I scribbles and draws labyrinthine lines, shapes, some remain undeciphered to me. Then I try to discover meaning and convert them into words.

I sent some of these notes which came during the writing process to the Editor of 3AM magazine Mr S J Fowler and he accepted them generously. It was my starting point to delve into the poem brut.

That piece was unnoticed to me. I don’t actually know what these poems say anymore–they’re mysteries even to me. I wasn’t planning on doing anything with them, but then I saw the submission call.

Creativity is a complex process and new inventions, researches and diagnostic equipment of the brain like fMRI are fetching up the iceberg world of the brain. Poem brut is all revolving around it along with many fibers and it is a kind of neuropoetics.

Poem Brut : A kind of neuropoetics

It gained movement in 2017 and its curator and founder is British Author and artist SJ FOWLER.

Glimpsing the artistic creative through specs of neurobiology, psychiatry, psychology, biology.

Poem Brute is a kind of neuropoetics. It has aesthetic possibility and poetic method which roots into the mindful thinking, neurology and physiology.

It is a bridge between poetry and art.

Poem Brute is about :--

  • Examination of letters, its shape, color of text which makes the man squint

  • Scribbling

  • Forgotten notes

  • Strange scrawls

  • Minimalism

  • Collage making

Founder of Poem Brut Movement : S J Fowler

SJ Fowler is a writer, poet and artist who lives in London.

His work has been commissioned by Tate Modern, BBC Radio 3, Somerset House, Tate Britain, London Sinfonietta, Southbank Center, National Center for Writing, National Poetry Library, Science Museum and Liverpool Biennial amongst others.

As of summer 2021, he has published nine collections of poetry, six of artworks, six of collaborative poetry plus volumes of selected essays and selected collaborations. His writing has explored subjects as diverse as prescription drugs, films, fight sports, museums, prisons and animals.

He was part of the first ever Hub residency at Wellcome Collection, and is currently poet-in-residence at J&L Gibbons architects and formerly at Kensal Green Cemetery. He is an associate artist at Rich Mix. He has won awards from Arts Council England, Jerwood Charitable Foundation, Nordic Culture Fund, Danish Arts Foundation, Arts Council Ireland and multiple other funding bodies.

He has been sent to Peru, Bangladesh, Iraq, Argentina, Georgia and other destinations by The British Council and has performed at over 50 international festivals including Hay on Wye, Cervantino in Mexico, Berlin Literature Festival and Hay Xalapa.

His feature-length films have premiered at Whitechapel Gallery and his plays have been produced by Penned in the Margins and Dash Arts. He was nominated for the White Review prize for Fiction in 2014 and his short stories appear in anthologies such as ‘Liberating the Canon’. His visual art has been exhibited at the Palais de Tokyo, V&A, Hardy Tree Gallery, Jerwood Space and Mile End Art Pavilion, with installations at Kielder Forest and Tate St Ives. His librettos have been performed at LSO St Lukes, Wigmore Hall and Guildhall Music School. His articles and work have appeared in Nature, Vice Magazine, Sight and Sound and Jacket2.

He’s been translated into 27 languages and produced collaborations with over 150 artists. He has pioneered the fields of performance literature, literary curation, collaborative poetry and Neuropoetics. His asemic writing, sound poetry and concrete poetry have also become known internationally.

He is the founder and curator of The Enemies Project and Poem Brut as well as poetry editor at 3am magazine and former executive editor at The Versopolis Review. He is lecturer in Creative Writing and English Literature at Kingston University, has taught at Tate Modern, Poetry School and Photographer's Gallery and is a Salzburg Global Fellow. He is the director of Writers' Center Kingston and European Poetry Festival.

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