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Obituary/Steven Lester Carr

I came in contact with Steve Lester Carr in August 2021. He was accepting submissions for his forthcoming anthology, Around the World: Landscapes and Cityscapes. He generously accepted my verse “ Frustration of Fugitive Monk,” which was based on Gautam Buddha. Steve talked to me regarding his interest in India, oriental legacy, and mythology. He was a native of Cincinnati, USA and had traveled extensively. He wrote, “I have had a number of stories published set in your part of the world.”

He researched his stories and found that the Buddhist Monasteries operate differently depending on their location. Some of the differences were really stark. The philosophy/religion was consistent but how it applied to the monasteries wasn’t consistent at all.

Steven wrote fastly, and he was a first-draft writer. He worked as a military journalist and tackled how much he had to work to cover the deadline in the military atmosphere. That was instilled in his writings, and he learned to craft and edit stories in a single draft. His stories would be written in simple fabric, easily graspable. Steven loved to write short stories, and his next hobby was to help the new emerging pen pushers through his Sweety cat press.

He has left this world so early, which is so heartbreaking for me.

Steve, you will always be missed.

Dr. Pragya Suman

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