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Moon Maids and Dusted Dreams

From beyond the unknown

My hearts-heart calls

Calls softly to my body

My dreams call

Awake I follow

Dance untrodden paths

Dreams having no shelf

To sit and gather dust

For they are tapestries

Woven from golden threads

Of sparkling imaginations

Every new morning

Glistens with magic

To make dreams come true

So let the Pharaohs

Play Nero's fiddle

Apathy for an apathetic public

Not me , no -- I wash

Acid rains of bitterness

In a soft rain of happy tears

For here I find my Moon Maid

Loving gentle patience

Reflecting my silences

Absorbing my melancholy

We do not give and receive

But exchange gifts of fulfilment

A passion that stills trembling

It is such a love that is

A sweet scented blessing

To build dreams on

When I look at her

Dreaming and awake

Oneness lingers in our eyes .

@ Sher Chandley

Sher Chandley is south African writer with an Indian origin.

MOON AND DUSTED DREAMS is an abstract poem

In which various vines are untwirled in superficial segments but in the core poet talks about non dualism. A fresh love always brings that feeling.

He talks about happy tears, what a contrast, a striving to seek bliss even in the salt of life and here dreams are filled with tapestry. Poets seek his companion in moon maid and strive for a platonic love in its abstract form.

It's amazing that Sher Chandley still sees the positive and beautiful part of life though he is going through so many tormentic conditions in personal life. A true artist seeks shelter in art which comes as a therapy to him.

Perhaps Shelly was true "our sweetest songs comes from our pain"

Sher Chandley is proving it

Here is his story in his own words--

I am in hospital again for multiple things . Some organ failure but it's being fixed . Pain is from chronic Rheumatoid arthritis - my limbs and joints including jaw and hip are all swollen and inflamed . Because of all that my allergies of asthma and eczema are also flaring . I can only write or use the phone when they change iv's and reload meds in machines . I ask them to leave one arm free . Then I sneak text 😊

Been in and out of hospital more than a year . My family do all they can . Visiting is restricted . I play it down because my mom is also getting cancer treatment so i don't want her to worry she thinks I am at home .

I am posting a lot that I wrote before but never posted in groups . I have no children , my wife died long ago and I never remarried . I was soldiering as a revolutionary, then I practised and travelled , then my Dad got sick and I ran his business ( ours ) and looked after him for a long time . When he passed in 2009 , I started getting ill from 2015. It's been bad . But I am a weed ..

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