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  • Dr.Pragya Suman

Khushwant Singh The Nature Watcher

I like the book Delhi through the seasons, authored by Khushwant Singh. Late Khushwant Singh’s columns were the most widely read syndicated column in India. They used to be based upon varied topics, but going through them hardly sends an artistic and literary value. His novels are also hollow, and one example is Burial at sea, an epitome of pen-fuming vomits, and sometimes the reader gets a strong nauseating urge; most of them seem to beat porn.

But Delhi through the seasons is captivating, and the description of February is lucid, limpid and heartwarming. Read following excerpts

February has much to offer nature lovers. The first pink blossom on a leafless perch is a sight to be behold, ‘fair as a star when only one is shining in the sky” As the day begin to get warmer, birds become more active. Large green barbets go on their wavy flight from one dark-foliage tree to another, wind themselves up : Kurd, Kerr, kurr, and then let themselves go; Kutrook, Kutrook, Kutrook.

James Stephens might have written the following lines about a February morning in Delhi:

I heard a bird at dawn

Singing swiftly on a tree,

That the dew was on the lawn,

And the wind was on the lea;

But I didn't listen to him,

For he didn’t sing to me.

How egoistic all some humans can be!

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