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Arc Prose Poetry Anthology 2021, just a fragment by Ramachandran MA

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

evening train was leaving-

leaving the platform in summer rain,

I told my mother in her absence,

we don't have much time to spend

a shred of light left behind

by the old lane still waited

in the mirror, in the corridor

once again my moss covered heart

searched for you in vain

the train was crossing a bridge

and it was twilight

I had already left behind my days

that had been never mine

with the river that was ever changing

I cast a last look to see you

to see you as just one

among the passing shadows.

Ramachandran MA

Analysis of prose poem JUST A FRAGMENT

There are so many stylistic features in this poem.

( 1) Language is so simple and lucid, dining in dismal drops.

( 2 ) The background poem is highly metaphorical, studded with following poetic devices.

ALLITERATION --Light, left

My, Moss

Last, look

ASSONANCE--Old, lane

Covered, searched

Cast, last, look

REPETITION--To see you


Typical features of prose poems are--

( A ) They are in fragments

( B ) No line breaks

( C ) Poem resist to close

( D ) And refuge to complete

Stylistics features are prominent in postmodern literature which talks about breakage in genre and prose poem is one of its inventions. In core postmodern literature squirms as it relies upon deconstruction and so it manifests its fabric with many holes and breaks.

Traditionally prose poems are written in horizontal blocks, in the shape of a postcard but here in this poem we see the postcard twirled at 90 degree, with a ragged right margin. Flexibility and freedom are wings of postmodernism.

Though universal consensus on the prose poems is not yet formulated and many its fibers are evolving with a bit change in outlook.

One of the interesting definitions of prose poems is quoted by William Stafford. He says

" loss of acrobatic swinging from line to line and emphasizing certain words and phrases, we are not trying to bamboozle a reader with white space, forcing heavier reliance on other poetic devices."

JUST A FRAGMENT written by an Indian poet RAMCHANDRAN MA is narrative expressive deadpan prose poetry. In narrative poetry the voice of the narrator is present which talks about story and characters as well.

Deadpan poetry is like a mind in an insular island, so many thoughts, feelings, emotions remain locked behind deadpan eyes and a voice of cold cascade, totally toneless !

Here metaphors are not used in discrete disc as usually are like visual fixation, but they are flowing in a continuing cadence. There are no end rhymes but it has internal invisible rhymes which pave a slippery pathway.

Profusity of metaphors are used which starts with an evening train, and brings many spots like plate form, mirror, bridge, summer rain and the most striking one is moss covered heart . A stagnant stance of stoic is clicking passing images and in a minute moment scans the whole of previous life, with just a deadpan eye.

Pain in existence for mother and loved ones who are now a passing image for him, and he is leaving behind everything. A nude truth of our existence !

We are like parentheses in this earthly world, realization of things with near eyes brings a coldness of detachment as it sucks out all chimera. Stoic has the most movable eyes who stalks the whole universe in his stagnancy.

Prose poem conveys metaphors in a magical way as there is no restraint of conventional rules, freedom brings fantasy in flourishing fauna.

Going through this poem written by Ramchandran M A brought an immense feeling of nostalgia, longing for mother, and sometimes I felt like I was thrown in my past days.

A cold cadence crafted on a twirled postcard !

Copyright@Dr Pragya Suman


BIOGRAPHY : Ramachandran MA is an Indian writer from Calicut.

His story in his own words, is so poignant and touching.

" My God, I haven't had a job for more than six months. It's fortunate for me for not having a family. I go on writing this trash for whiling away my time. I don't know

Why am I writing them? I call them fragments. I don't call them poetry. I will never.

You may ask me why I don't stop doing it. It's total madness my dear friends.

I am not writing this for any favourable

or nice comments. It's really tiresome.

The kind of rubbish I do everyday is

offensive.If I were healthy I wouldn't write

this trash. My chest is narrow and shall-

ow. My hair is all grey. There is no hair

on the back of my head. If I were married, I wouldn't write this nonsense. If I had

house of my own I would sleep peacefully there.

If I lived my youth happily I would never attempt the impossible. If I

shared everything of me with a woman

I wouldn't do what I do on Facebook.

Sheer perversity! "

Ramachandran MA

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