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Updated: May 21, 2021

Urchin Waves

If I would sit here to stare at the unchained waves of the sea. I would see my earth in nostalgic movement evolving round my wristwatch. I would love to suggest to the withered checkers of grassess, that holds the arms of the clock, on my earth, as they tick in silence deadening. This deadening spirit defeats the gruelling fire that hinders a mind, to traverse above the tides of the lowest sea and the hills of dunes in my saturated desert. I learned the garden of love can be recreated. I learn the tongues of vileness can also be serrated as the keys of an old piano pedal. Those votive notes that awaken, a sleeping cloud can be found in the mind of a lone starker. The unchain waves of the sea means an urchin of joy in me, an urchin of joy in me means walking out of life wilderness. A trepidation of my musing self, a transcendary light to surge me through life emptiness. One can unravel his nostalgic moment when he sees the unhurried arms of time, pacing quietly in a cemetery of silence. Each lost times brine as moist of fluids, cascading from the soul of a pilgrimage. Events of beautiful painting, colours of magnanimous sorrows chirps as birds boughing the trunks of my veins, a thorough experience of a nostalgic soul. Those Jurassic scenes can be taken as virtual experience when one part self into the nunnery of emptiness in a fullness wagon.

(c) Martin Ijir 2021


Biography: Martin Ijir is a social entrepreneur, teacher, mystic, poet, social & right activist, editor, humanist and thinker. His voice has appeared in various anthologies both online, offline, and bookprints which include ANA Review, LangLit Journal, Rock Pebbles Journal, Azahar Spanish Magazine, Arcs Prose-Poetry Magazine, Amritanjali Quarterly Journal among others. He is the author of the Vulture, Songs of Protest and Eeries of Silence. Winner of 2020 Arcs Prose Poetry Award, a finalist of Sentieri diversi Associazione Culturale Poetry Prize, winning premio internationazione d'honore in 2018 and 2019, Italy. He loves walking, meditative prayer and music apart from writing. He lives in Karu, Nigeria.

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