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Arc Prose Poetry Anthology 2022/Contributor's list

Prose poetry society

Prose Poetry Writers Group

Arc Magazine

We love genre breakage so we are prose poetry lovers.

Arc magazine favors avant garde, experiment and postmodernism Prose poetry is not the end of poetry but is the rise of poetry.

Contributor’s List

Peter Jhonson/ Featured Poet/poems/Interview

Keith Barnard

Stephanie Green

Brandi Clark

Jyotirmaya Thakur

Gurupreet K. Khalsa

Oz Hardwick

Robert Beveridge

R. Gerry Fabian

Michael H Brownstein

Ron Padgett

Donall Dempsey

Rafik Romdhani

Dr Anwer Ghani

Margaret Kiernan

Lucy Alexander

Braden Hofeling

Martin Ijir

Joan Mazza

Bruce Gunther

JP Seabright

Elizabeth Castillo

Rikki Santer

Dr Pragya Suman

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