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Updated: May 21, 2021

By : Gerry LaGuardia Leonard.

Analysis of Subjugation of Farm by Dr Pragya Suman.

Subjugation of farm is a nostalgic poem for the modern age crisis. Here poetess talks about the farm of her early days which is now in dilapidated doom, encroached by the modern age paw. Grandmother bunching onions leaps up from the memory lane while white hens clucking and after it will of the composer someday over wine she will reminisce the pastoral era. Past present and future all are glimpsing in fragments.

Modern age skyscrapers and individualistic approaches have made the farm barren and contracted.

Most of poems of Gerry are in free verse but this one subjugation of farm is written in prose form, no line breaks and no white space between lines letting it in category of prose poetry with serrated right margin.

Poetry is a mirror and text is a vehicle. There is a vast difference between linguistic text and literary text. So text is not mere embedding of words. When loosening emotion is vehicle through the text, words become poetic.

Poetry is composed of poetry devices, emotive surge, aesthetic value in different proportions.

Here in subjugation farm we she least use of poetry devices and its lessened proportion is compensated by emotive notes which stikes at the deepest core of heart and at the same time makes our mind to think about the deformities of modern development.

In broad criteria poetry is categorised in narrative, descriptive and lyrical. Here in the " Subjugation of farm " we see the cocktail trio.

" White white hens cluck along in discord,

and gayly flap their red combs,

unaware of impending high rise condos

and contraction of space."

These lines are an enorming view of a descriptive poetry embedded in poetess narrative tone. Deep structure of the poem is lyrical in an abstract sense which is also touching the superficial narrative tone.

Deep aesthetic factors ( DAF ) and superficial expressive equivalents ( SEE ) are in effacing proportion making it an unifying identity.

In literature, there are deep aesthetic factors (DAF) and superficial expressive equivalents (SEE). The deep factors represent the aesthetic experience and the invaluable meanings which the author uncovers while the superficial expressive equivalents represent the tools by which the author expresses his ideas. So the literary text is not just words on paper but it is a wide system of per-textual, textual and post-textual elements and we can imagine it as a big sphere.

Dr Pragya Suman

Biography : Gerry LaGuardia Leonard is an emerging poet. She is a member of the Denver Poetry Society and in numerous Facebook poetry groups. Her poems have been published in poetry anthologies locally and internationally.

Retired as an instructor, in a Chemical Dependency program in jails, she now devotes herself to altruist and storytelling poetry- prose. She now resides in Denver, Colorado.

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