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Arc Prose Poetry Anthology 2021, A Narratolyric Prose Poem By Jyotirmaya Thakur

Updated: May 21, 2021


A fairy tale of long ago makes me very sad. I heard it sung in a village lore in dimming twilight. I did not know what it might bode but the voice did not leave my mind. Black night on tiptoe like a thief stealthily creeped. The intoxicated air from the roaring rivers blowing quietly sighing . Darkening skies and sparkling mountaintops with stars twinkling in the sight . Lovely maidens waking up with rising Moon beautifully combing their hair . Shadows of consuming desires dancing madly on the breeze astray. Like mermaids on a wild rock with golden strands of hair . And while she sings in a melancholy tone with a golden brush without care . Her overpowering voice grips the sailor in the barge ignoring the lighthouse gleams .The sailor aching wildly hypnotised ignores the rocks below . The eyelids of the weeping Earth closes in despair.The rolling waves devour the golden boy and the barge swallowed by a roar .


Biography : Jyotirmaya Thakur currently resides in Medway, Kent, in the United Kingdom (UK) with her family;

but as she has her roots in Bihar, India,

and had worked for 3 decades in Jharkhand, she and her family have a residence there also.

She keeps coming to India during the winter, more preferred by her from October to December, but celebrates Christmas and New Year with her family again in the UK.

JYOTIRMAYA is an ardent traveller

and appreciator of nature.

She loves diverse cultures and people around the world and represents them

through her art.

When she's not writing or travelling,

she's also sketching in charcoal;

she also love embroidery, knitting, crocheting and of course, gardening,and if not too busy, she and her husband spend most of their quality time with their five adorable grandchildren.

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