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Arc Prose Poetry Anthology 2021, A narrative expressive prose poem by Nancy Ndeke

Updated: May 21, 2021


Black soil, roam soil, sandy soil, even desert wind blown dust. They all without exception give life to something and someone in the realm of life’s space and season. As brown baked bread invites a stranger’s nostrils to the needs of a growling gut in search of a morsel, king and pauper weigh the same scales of needs though divided by wants. A child’s cry has a universal appeal and rings to it just as laughter rumbles in a unified accord across the boundaries of men keen to sow differences. Up in the sky with a punch in the air is a player praying gratitude to the source of good fortune for a goal while another looks up with a teary eye for the rains as they bless the crop. Joy and sorrow speaks a rhythm that no human can discount or discourage for no power upon earth's surface has lived without being marked by it. A home is more than a house as many castle dwellers envy the tent men in their easy take of life and content of little being enough. A house has capacity to grow into a palace if love informs the inner exchanges of genuine affection and dedicated care in nurturing faith and trust within its occupants. And regardless of pomp and grandeur and guarantees promised in life, two pillars assure the journey of life. Entries and exits remain stoic like ancient rocks, a fact ego often lies to some to ignore. Life is life, be it black, brown or yellow. To assume it is lesser is the ultimate insult to its maker.

By :Nancy Ndeke.



Associate Editor, Liberated Voices

Nancy Ndeke from Kenya, is a Poet of international acclaim and a reputable literary arts consultant. Her writings and her poetry is featured in several collections, anthologies and publications all over the globe. She has several published works, including poetry, short stories and Novels, among them:

Nancy loves to read as much as she loves to write. Traveling is a much embraced hobby and so is time spent with family.

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