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ARC PROSE POEM ANTHOLOGY 2021 Prose Poem by Josep Juarez

Updated: May 21, 2021


I never thought that my life would become like dry leaves that fall from a tree, my whole past withered and now the wind of nostalgia is dragging it, before, my life flourished, you were, at the rhythm of your steps the grass grew and everything was spring, a spring ran along your path where I drank water, you gave me life, but time is very cruel and everything dries up, one day time got into your eyes and turned your hair white, and that day was the last sunset that we saw together, a heavy winter snow fell on my shoulders that ended up bending my knees and falling prostrate on your grave, there my being, hugged to your memory, expired, how little we are on this earth, only dry leaves, only snowflakes that at the end of their trip they disintegrate, raindrops that formed a lake and today it dries up.

The flower grows and shows the world its beauty, in the end it only leaves us its perfume that is our nostalgia

Josep Juarez


Biography : José Pablo Juárez (Josep Juárez) Mexican poet, his poems have been published in more than 40 anthologies around the world, in 2018 he received the naji naaman award (Lebanon) for his work "from your lips I will resurrect" and in 2020

Doctor honoris causa by the international forum for creativity and humanity of the kingdom of Morocco


Analysis or prose poem "Nostalgia" done by Dr Pragya Suman :--


Joseph juarez is mexican poet and his prose poem “ nostalgia “ is exemplary of narrative expressive prose poetry though in the background an autobiographical aura is reflecting. Poet is talking about dismal dots of his life but still he is looking at it through an optimistic optical glance. He is conscious about the brevity of life and without line breaks he is succeeded in underlying the reader’s consciousness of movement. Whole life is weaved here in condensed composure of prose poetry though underlying the surface narrative there are multiple hidden narratives are also present for that a term MULTIVALENCY could be coined. He talks about his endearing one who is no more. Here we see aesthetic and philosophical pictures grow out of romantic cast. This poem is at once both plain and ornate. A contrast capsule ! But it happens especially when poetry comes from deepest recess, ornate goes in an abstract attic and peeps through divine pores.

A metaphorical poem enmeshing human experiences in language that evokes the elusive, unconscious, the uncanny and the unresolved !

It has been long way that prose poems have came out of tag of “ genre crossing --ugly duckling and now they are securing strong segment in contemporary literature.

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