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Arc Award

Welcome to Arc Magazine

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Arc magazine is India based an international annual journal with a single issue in June of each year along with an anthology of prose poetry. Anthology comes in the fall both in digital and print form.

Arc is an avant garde magazine though we welcome all types of verses. Breakage of genre is the essence of Arc. It was founded by Dr Pragya Suman, India on 2 November 2020

Please ensure to read the submission page and guidelines if you wish to submit.

Submission period is from 1 May to 31 May

We prefer Times New Roman font, font size 12, in word file.

Poem of the week, Arc Magazine is a weekly feature.

Beside it we publish poems on the blog of Arc Magazine whenever we find a meticulous one. We would select out of them for the summer issue and Anthology beside submissions.

Submissions should be send to

Website :

Arc Award is an annual feature of Arc Magazine. Once you are published on blog site or accepted through a submission channel you are automatically entered in the competetion. We announce the winner in October every year and you can win the Arc Award. Winners would be selected through a jury panel.

Also with your permission we plan to submit the work that won an Arc Award to more famous awards such as the Pushcart prize.

You can read previous issues of Arc Magazine on the magazine website. It is also available in print form on Lulu and Amazon.

Dr Pragya Suman

Editor in Chief

Arc Magazine

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