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  • Dr.Pragya Suman

A Tribute to Samuel Beckett on Death Anniversary

Samuel Beckett died on 22 December 1989. The anguish and loneliness of modern man is expressed with consciousness in his writing. His techniques are minimalism, fragmentation and purity that twirled the literature at 360 and gave it a totally new facade and shape. He dissolved the edges of genre so experimentally that novels looked like short stories and short stories converted into fragmented pieces.

Though Beckett is mainly famous as a dramatist, novelist and poet, for Beckett his prose fiction is the important writing. In this following book Beckett scholar S. E. Gontarski has edited and compiled the prose pieces of Samuel Beckett.

From his short story “Selando et Quiescendo” I have taken his verse which is inserted in the prose piece. Look! how he is bound with infinite in essence among fragments.

At last I find in my confused soul,

Dark with the dark flame of the cypresses,

The certitude that. I cannot be whole,

consummate , finally achieved, unless

I be consumed and fused in the white beat

Of her sad finite sense, so that none

Shall serve us who are at last complete,

Eternally, irrevocably one,

One with the birdless cloudless colorless skies,

One with the bright purity of the fire

Of which we are and for which we must be die

A strange exalted death and be entire,

Like two merged stars, intolerably bright,

Conjoined in one and in the infinite!

An illuminating book which shades light who want to dive in Beckett’s breath taken ink.

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