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Voicing our silences: An Interview with Alice Hiller

I have been writing professionally all my adult life. I was a freelance journalist, wrote a factual book about the history of the t-shirt, researched a literary PhD, then wrote reviews, and other articles, before finally beginning to work on bird of winter the year I turned 50. My younger son leaving home, combined with being diagnosed with ovarian cancer in my late forties, freed me to address my childhood.  Sometimes people with family responsibilities, or complex materials, need time and distance to be able to write safely about them. 


"Too much language chasing too little of an idea.” An Interview with Peter Johnson

Back to April. While spring was ebbing in India, I asked American prose poet Peter Johnson to contribute poems for the autumn issue of Arc. I also explored prose poetry in an interview with peter. Peter appeared to be a generous soul and answered patiently to my questions. 

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Prose Poetry a horizontal hybrid box: An Interview with Oz Hardwick 

Beginning and ends are never more than arbitrary conveniences – and we’re back to Tristram Shandy again – and I like the way that prose poetry beckons the reader into the page and, instead of offering that familiar Aristotelian unravelling we expect from a block of prose, it pulls countless possible (and impossible) beginning and endings from a hat we didn’t even notice it was wearing. 

Oz Hardwick interviewed by Dr Pragya Suman 

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