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 Arc Magazine is an annual journal and is affiliated with the international prose poetry society. It has been our privilege to publish the work of both established and emerging authors. There are no submission and subscription fees here. Arc Magazine's annual Issue comes in November. Breakage of the genre is the essence of the Arc, though we welcome all types of verses, both Indian and International overall good poetry matters most. We nominate our poets for the Pushcart prize and Best of Net, and we give Arc Awards for the best poetry of issues. We often publish the best poems picked up by the editor in the blog section of the magazine. Arc Magazine is listed on Duotrope and CLMP.


Arc Magazine was founded by Dr Pragya Suman, India on 11 November 2020. Please ensure to read the submission page and guidelines if you wish to submit.


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Founding Editor


























Dr. Pragya Suman is Editor In Chief, Arc Magazine. She is a  Doctor by profession and a writer by passion! She inherited writing from her father. Her father late Triveni Prasad Yadav was a civil engineer by profession who always kept his library up to date and her mother was a housewife, a real motivator.

Many experiences have contributed to her writing welded with her Indian roots. Her poetries, reviews, and fiction have been published in more than fifty magazines and anthologies, like Beir Bua Journal, Rock pebbles pebbles Journal, 3 AM Magazine, Impspired magazine, Arcs prose poetry magazine, Full house literary Journal, flight of the Dragonfly, Indian Periodical Journal, The World of Myth Magazine, The Pine Cone Review, Bengaluru review, etc. She has achieved the certificate of appreciation from Gujarat Sahitya Academy, Indian Government. She won the Gideon poetry prize summer of 2020. Her debut book Lost Mother was published in 2020, and her second book Photonic Postcard is a collection of Prose Poems. In 2022, she won the poet of the year award, Ukiyoto Publishing, Ontario, for the book Photonic Postcard.

She is currently a Senior Resident in the Shri Krishna Medical College, Muzaffarpur. She lives with her husband Dr. Bisheswar Kumar and daughter Vatsalya in Bihar, India.

Her website and social media profile

Twitter : @pragya_arc

Facebook :  pragya.suman.50

Instagram :  pragya.suman.50

The Interview of Dr. Pragya Suman is published on Duotrope. To know the viewpoint of the Editor please go through the following link:--

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