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Arc Award for Prose Poetry 2022

Arc Magazine is delighted to announce the long list and short list of Arc Award for 2022

Prose Poetry Society

An International Society of Prose Poetry

We are delighted to announce that Pragya Arc Magazine is now affiliated with the International literary platform, Prose Poetry Society. Dr. Pragya Suman, Editor in chief, Arc Magazine, is President of The Prose Poetry Society. An Iraqi author Dr Anwer Ghani founded the Prose Poetry Society at the beginning of 2019. Its work is well established in theory and practice in publishing groups, magazines, and books in addition to the Arc Annual Prize.  The Prose Poetry Society is a group of poets who write prose poetry. Our definition of prose poetry is a poem written without line breaks, in a  block shape.

Any Poet published in Arc Prose Poetry Anthology is a member of the society. 

The activities of Prose Poetry Society (PPS).

  1. Annual Anthology of best prose poems.

  2. Arc prize of prose poetry

  3. Pragya Arc magazine

  4. Prose poetry society group



ARC ( Autumn ) AWARD 2022

Prose Poetry Society


Arc prizes are given biannually, in spring and autumn. We are fortunate to receive exceptional work from both emerging and established poets. The Arc ( autumn ) prize is exclusive for prose poetry. Chris Green is Judge for Arc ( autumn ) Prize. Besides the winner, two honorable mentions will also be selected. These poems will be nominated for Best of the Net Prize.


Chris Green will judge submissions for Arc Prose Poetry Anthology 2022; and will take part in deciding Arc Award Winner 2022. Long list 2022 was selected by Editor Dr. Pragya Suman, and the Arc Award will be declared in September.

Arc Poetry Prize 2022 Autumn


  1. A lifetime Achievement Award for a lifetime devotion and service to the cause of Prose Poetry: Oz Hardwick 

  2. Autumn Poetry Prize Winner: “It is certainly Yesterday” by Lucy Alexander

  3. Honorable Mention: “ Inside the Box” by Joan Mazza and “Sisyphus Inc” by Bruce Gunther

Poems are published in the Arc Prose Poetry Anthology 2022, available in the issues section of the Arc Magazine website.


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