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Arc Magazine is a biannual journal, it has two issues spring and autumn per year. Autumn issue is a specialized anthology of prose poetry. Breakage of the genre is the essence of arc, though we welcome all types of verses, overall good poetry matters most.

Arc Magazine was founded by Dr. Pragya Suman, India on 11 November 2020.

Please ensure to read the submission page and guidelines if you wish to submit.


 Dr. Pragya Suman

 Editor in Chief

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my work

Marble Surface

Anwer Ghaani

Iraqi writer

It is clear that the Pragya's language is unique, with clear terms, meanings and structures that have created a special world for it, and a distinct space based on whispering and gentle revelation.

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David Thane Cornell

American poet

Poetry is, among many things, the art of saying the unsayable. Pragya Suman's poems achieve this challenge, inviting the reader to enter the space of her poetry and use their imaginations as a continuation of the ineffable. Her poems rely on diverse shifts of gestalt patterns, mysterious as paintings by surrealists. Enter wit and humor, hallmark features of her work, and her poems, oftentimes psychologically complex, become accessible to the average reade